A&A provides proven Material Testing expertise that ensure projects are completed with quality materials.

Soil Testing

​- Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit (AASHTO T89 & T90)
- Particle Size Analysis with Hydrometer
- Proctors (Standard and Modified)
- California Bearing Ratios (CBR)
- Soil Identification (AASHTO, USCS, USDA)
- Point Load Testing for Rocks
- Water Content Determination
​- Nuclear Density Testing


​- Graduation with Wash

​- Nuclear Density testing


​- Nuclear Density Testing
- Core Sampling
- Bulk Specific Gravity
- Air Void
​- Particle Size Distribution
- Asphalt Content

full concrete labratory

- Compressive Strength Tests
- Concrete Cylinders, Slump and Air
- Grout and Mortar Cubes

A & A is extremely proud of our full-service laboratory established in 2004 and accredited by AASHTO and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

​ The A & A Materials Testing Laboratory offers the following array of lab testing services: