A&A provides quality Construction Management and Construction Inspection expertise resulting in quality Construction Methods.

Construction Services

Following is a listing of projects that have utilized the supervisors, inspectors and technicians in this group:
- Bridge Construction Inspection and Bridge Demolition Monitoring
- Subgrade Examination and Test Boring Inspection
- Paving Inspection and In-place Density Testing Fill, Backfill
​- Embankments and Earthwork Inspection
- Specification, Construction Documentation and Surveys (Video/Photographs)
- Structural Steel and Rebar Inspection
- Pile Driving Inspection and Pile and Plate Load Tests
- Field Testing of Soil, Concrete, Asphalt, Steel, and Masonry
- Project and Facilities Planning
- Bid Evaluation and Contract Administration
- Inspection of Welding and Fabrication
- Inspection of Soil Compaction and Bearing Capacity of Soils
- Building Movement Monitoring/Crack Monitoring
- Slope Inclinometer Installation and Monitoring

The Construction Management group of A&A Consultants, Inc. has efficiently supervised numerous projects in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and the Northern West Virginia region. We pride ourselves in the performance and attentiveness generated by our Construction Inspection Group.