A&A provides proven Civil and Environmental expertise and innovative thinking resulting in high quality engineering as well as 
environmentally friendly design.

Civil And environmental


The services provided by the group include the following:

 - Site Development
- Layout and Control Surveys
- Watershed Management Designs and Recommendations
​ - Phase I and II Environmental Site
- Assessments
- Stormwater Management Design
- Erosion and Sedimentation Control Design and
​ Recommendations
- Sanitary and Municipal Design
- Compliance and Remediation Coordination
- Spill Prevention Control
- Risk Management Programs
- Wetland Delineation
- UST Closure Assessment and Specifications
​ - Asbestos Inspection

     The Civil and Environmental Services Group has experience with Civil Engineering Site Development projects. We have also satisfied our clients' needs with sound, reliable, and cost-effective designs.