A&A provides proven Bridge Inspection (NBIS) expertise and innovative thinking resulting in projects that are completed on time and within budget.

 A&A consultants provide various types of bridge inspection services. They include initial (NBIS) inspection, periodic (routine) NBIS inspection, partial (interim) inspection, and supplemental (follow-up) inspections. When critical deficiencies are detected, we alert the bridge owner and assist with developing repair alternatives. Inspection reports are prepared as per the owners inspection requirements.

Bridge inspection NBIS


All inspections are conducted in accordance with the following guidelines and references:

- National Bridge Inspection Services (NBIS)
- AASHTO Manual for Maintenance Inspection of Bridges 1983,
​ including the latest revision
- FHWA Publications
​ - State Publications and Policy
​ - State or Governing Agency Inspection and BMS Forms